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Top 10 Animated Movies On Netflix Instant For Families

Jul 11, 2014

Summer is a fun time for family movie nights and kids are always up for a great animated movie. Netflix Instant contains hundreds of animated titles, from newer movies to older ones. Whether your family enjoys films from Disney, Pixar or DreamWorks, there are countless possibilities for daily movie nights.

Top 10 animated movies on Netflix Instant for families:

10. Lilo & Stitch

Stitch is an experiment of alien scientist Dr. Jumba Jookiba and finds his way to Earth where he meets a little girl named Lilo. Lilo doesn’t have many friends, so she quickly adopts Stitch and the two become close friends. Stitch behaves himself and Lilo doesn’t realize that he is actually wanted by the Grand Council of the Galactic Federation.

9. The Pirate Fairy

Zarina is an inquisitive pixie fairy whose natural curiosity about understanding the properties of pixie dust is not appreciated. After she manages to create pink and purple pixie dust, Gary bans her from working with pixie dust ever again in Pixie Hollow. Zarina leaves and joins a band of pirates who appreciate her. She is on a mission to get revenge and prove what pixie dust is capable of until one becomes power hungry.

8. Turbo

Turbo the snail dreams of becoming a racecar driver, but it seems impossible since he is only a snail. One day his dream becomes a reality when he can suddenly move very fast. Turbo ends up racing the Indy 500 and is nearly forced to end the race early when his family and friends rally behind him. Life changes immensely after the race and brings a warm message of never giving up on your dreams.

7. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

Flint Lockwood was able to achieve greatness with his food creating machine and now he works for The Live Corp Company until he learns that his food-creating machine is now creating scary food-animal hybrids. Flint has to figure out how to stop the machine from making living pickles, apple pie-thorns and other creatures trying to take over the world.

6. Tarzan

Tarzan’s parents were killed when he was a baby and a gorilla adopted him as her own. Life was great until Tarzan began growing up and creating mischief as all little boys do. The problem is the other guerillas didn’t accept Tarzan’s boyish ways and he is forced to venture out on his own. Tarzan is a clean family-friendly movie great for the whole family.

5. Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension

If your kids love the Disney show Phineas and Ferb, they will also enjoy Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension. Phineas and Ferb learn that Perry is a secret agent and they end up in a different dimension. They have to bring down the evil Dr. Doofenshmirtz and find their way back to the right dimension.

4. Robin Hood

Disney came out with the animated version of Robin Hood in 1973 and it has been a beloved classic story since. This version is based on the animal kingdom’s story of Robin Hood, who is a fox. Prince John is a lion, Sir Hiss is a snake, Maid Marian is a vixen, Little John is a bear, Friar Tuck is a badger, Lady Kluck is a chicken and Sheriff of Nottingham is a wolf.

3. The Croods

The Crood family are Neanderthals who are all afraid of anything outside of their cave and happy with their living arrangements except teenager Eep. Eep meets Guy who shows her that the area they are living in is in danger and the only way to survive is to find a new land. The Crood’s cave is destroyed and they are forced to move.

2. The Emperor’s New Groove

Emperor Kuzco is a selfish ruler who wants to wipe out part of his kingdom to create an amusement park, where llama herder Pacha lives. Right before this, he fires Yzma, who is looking for a way to destroy him. Yzma and Pacha team up and trick Kuzco into drinking a powerful potion that ends up turning him into a llama. Will Emperor Kuzco learn his lesson or remain a llama forever?

1. Mulan

Young Mulan doesn’t fit the perfect maiden standard that she is pressured to becoming. The matchmaker throws her out and Mulan feels helpless. The Chinese Army has decreed that one male from every family has to fight in the war. Since Mulan’s elderly dad is the only male in the family, Mulan decides to cut her hair short, dress like a boy and join the army. She ends up defeating the enemy, but is then caught. Although the law states she should be put to death, but she continues risking her life in order to save China

There are many new movies added to Netflix Instant and I love the user comments and ratings on each movie. What are your favorite movie finds on Netflix Instant?

Article by Elise Cleary

I am a Christian writer and editor that lives in northern Michigan and thoroughly enjoy music, movies, TV shows, books and other entertainment with a Christian focus. My favorite song is "Oceans" by Hillsong United because it reminds me that has big plans for me and everyone else who puts their trust in Him. There are many movies that have impacted my life, but a few include God's Not Dead, The Shunning and Letters to God. I also write for and love connecting with readers, so please don't hesitate to contact me! When I'm not writing I enjoy watching movies and laughing with my busy toddler and husband. 



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